White and Love Valley

White and Love Valley


 Honey Valley / White Valley:

Again a moderate 5 km hike starting from the Goreme-Cavusin road taking you up to the old part of Uchisar Village. Some fascinating fairy chimneys at the start and spectacular views from the top, this valley offers a little bit of everything that Cappadocia has to offer.


Love Valley:

Between Goreme Village and the Open Air Museum this picturesque valley sits quietly with its amusing rock formations set amidst pretty gardens. This is a short easy hike of just 1 km where you can walk amongst the tall and impressive fairy chimneys!


Pigeon Valley:

An interesting hike taking you from Uchisar down to Goreme in this captivating ravine. A moderate walk of 4 km in a pretty green valley with many larger than life rock formations towering above you and a multitude of pigeon houses carved into the rock.






In the morning after breakfast, depart from hotel for the tour.


After approximately half an hour car ride, we start our day with the spectacular views of the White Valley, a moderate walk through the vineyards surrounded by “fairy chimneys”. After 30-minute walk within the valley, we reach the Love Valley, one part of White Valley, different volcanic formations can be seen clearly here After a short photo break we continued our walk. After our one-hour walk arrive to the town of Uchisar and climb to the Uchisar Castle, was also used during the Roman and Byzantine periods.


After visiting the castle of Uchisar we have lunch in Uchisar village at a local restaurant. Then we walk down the Pigeon Valley, which gets its name from the pigeon lofts on the rock faces.


(Total walk 5 hours).